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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kristine :D

Two things - first, how are you viewing the project? If you're viewing the published output locally, you may see some problems with URLs or hyperlinks. Please try testing your course on a web server, or LMS if you can.

The second - I published and uploaded the file and the "Jump to" does work, but I noticed the link itself does not. I tested this out, outside of Storyline, and I'm not able to get the website to load. Is the URL correct?

Here's my published and uploaded version if you'd like to take a look:

Testing Submit for Kristine


Kristine Y

Hi Christine,

So I was able to view your published version and the URL worked.

The URL is an intralink to our company website so that is why you couldn't see it.

I'm just wondering was there anything wrong with my trigger?

Or do I just need to put the story.html file in a web server??



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kristine,

I didn't change anything with the trigger - I simply published and uploaded it. You need to make sure you're not viewing the project output locally, or testing the URL when previewing.

If you're going to end up sharing the project on a web server, that's where you need to test it.

Let me know how it goes :)