Jump to URL trigger (on picture) not working

Hi there,


I have inserted an image into one of my slides. I have added (correctly, I believe) a trigger that would "jump" the user to a URL. I have checked the URL (using the check tool in the trigger box), but when I publish the course (to the web) and view it, the trigger does not work.


I am attaching the image (which is named "PHAB_block_letters.png" in my timeline.


and here is my trigger:

Any suggestions?

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Trina Rimmer

I concur with Michael. In general we recommend uploading to and testing from the environment you intend the content to viewed from since local browser settings can interfere with certain features of your project.

I've also puled together this 3 item troubleshooting checklist that echoes this advice and gives a few other pointers that might  prove helpful to you in the future.

Margaret Murphy

Hi there,

I have tried it both on my local as well as network drive with no luck. I work for a big university so my guess is it might have something to do with the security settings on both drives. I am not exactly sure how to upload the content to my GoogleDrive if I can't sync it to my desktop. Any chance you have another handy article in ELH about that? ;)


Trina Rimmer

Hi again, Margaret. You're in luck! There is a handy article on how to get your published project online with Google Drive. And my fellow Community Manager, Nicole Legault also wrote this article on other options for getting your content online — just in case Google drive isn't a good option for your environment