Jumps to base layer when slide layer timeline finishes

Oct 21, 2013


I have run into a bit of a problem and can't seem to figure out what is the cause is.


On one of my slides I have multiple slide layers that the user nativgates through by clicking an assortment of buttons located on the base layer. The issue I am running into is that some of the slide layers will disappear when their timelines end so that the user is left looking at the original base layer. All the states on each slide layer are pull completely to the end of the timeline and there are no outgoing animations, so I am confused on why the slide layer disappears when their timeline ends. I want the user to be able to spend as much time as they need on each layer.

Please help!

Thank you!

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Joshua Barol

I think I realize what the problem is here is. I do have a fly out (Exit) animation on the objects on the layer.  The layer isn't disappearing but the objects are. But why are they disappearing? The are not being given a hide trigger from anywhere. Usually objects use the Exit animation when a trigger tells it to disappear. Maybe I need to restart my computer.

Lester Bennett

I am having a similar problem - I have 3 buttons on the base layer that show a linked layer when clicked. My problem is that when I preview the slide, the base layer objects all disappear at the end of the timeline, and I have no triggers on the base layer other than the jump to next slide trigger. This prevents me from clicking the buttons to test them.

Lester Bennett

I found my problem! I inserted an audio track that was shorter than the other objects on the slide. I shortened the timeline for all the objects, but they ended up being shorter than the audio track - so for each object I applied 'Show Until End' and that did it! The objects' timeline ended before the slide timeline did, so that was the issue.

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