Can I retain a variable between slides?

Nov 11, 2012

In my course, I am restricting progress until the timeline on each slide has completed. Next button doesn't work until the timeline ends.

I have a 4-tabbed interaction set up with each tab on a separate layer, and then a Finish layer that plays when the other four tabs/layers have been visited. Variables at the end of each layer get set to true when their timeline ends. When all four timelines are true, Finish plays. Works fine.

But when a user continues to the next slide, or visits a previous slide, the variables all reset, so that when they come back to this slide they must listen to all four tabs/layers and the Finish layer before proceeding.

How can I retain the variables when they are set to true, so when the user returns to this slide they don't have to re-listen to all the layers again? Is that possible? Or should I just make sure the user listens to the main timeline and call the slide done?

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Jerson  Campos

The variables are global. They will not change unless there is an interaction that makes them change. Do you have a variable in the slide that request a variable value and if it equals this variable (true) then to skip it and show the finshed layer?

If this is confusing let me know I'll do a quick screenr or storyline template

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