Setting Slide/Layers to Initial State when Revisiting with Specific Triggers to Go to next slide when timeline ends

Hello community!

I've attached my slide below.  In this course, most slides are set to go to next slide when the timeline ends, but this slide in particular has four layers that they need to visit before moving on.  So I've set a trigger to go to the next slide when the timeline ends if the variable on each layer is set to true.  

My problem is that if the user clicks "Previous," I want them to be able to play this slide from the beginning (initial state, right?) and click on each of the highlighted sections again (so that they can review if they want).  I tried setting the base layer and all subsequent layers to "reset to initial state when revisited" but all it does is play my little intro audio/text and then goes to the next slide.


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Wesley.

Thank you for sharing your .story file! 

Variables in Storyline are not affected by the Revisiting property. My suggestion would be to adjust the variables when the user clicks the previous button from the next slide.

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Also, make sure those triggers happen before the Jump to Previous Slide trigger.

Let me know if this works!