Just Upgraded to Storyline 2 - Anyone know how to change the blue Notes pane back to white?

I just upgraded to SL2. The blue Notes pane is making me crazy. This is in the Stage screen and NOT the Player. I've tried this: http://www.articulate.com/support/storyline-2/how-to-change-the-notes-panel-background-color

But that only changes the Notes pane. 



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Eric Weisberg

Thanks, Ashley. Just a little (unsolicited) feedback: I understand the rationale for the change. But in my opinion it's a step backward. I use the Notes section of the Stage for my VO script. It's very hard to edit in white reversed out of a dark color. Yet, I want the Player color to be dark. I'll have to change the Player color and then change it back when the VO script is complete.