keeping a layer visible when clicked

May 15, 2013

I am doing a photo-hunt activity using hotspots to reveal layers.

For every correct item found, I would like for a checkmark to appear and stay on the found object. I am finding that if another item is found and clicked, the previous checkmark becomes a hidden layer again. How can I keep the layers visible on the base slide as each object trigger makes them appear?

Object trigger = hotspot > show layer; current layer properties are "when revisiting: resume saved state". No other properties are checked.

Thank you!!!

P.S. I love this site...

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mara,

Not totally sure I'm getting it without looking, but by any chance would it work if you removed the checkmark from the "hide other slide layers" option? You can do this by clicking the the little gear icon on each layer at the bottom right of your screen to display the Slide Layer Properties dialog box.

Laith Salama

Hi Mara,

I had a problem like this and overcame it by placing all layers onto the base layer (including all check boxes) etc and using variables to display them when needed.

An example of this is slide 1 of this presentation, all items such as the rectangle surrounds and line-throughs (except the green ticks) are on the same layers and are displayed using variables.

See the .story file for how I did it.

Hope it helps.


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