Keeping Text entry results with 'prompted to Resume' or 'always resume'

Oct 22, 2020

Hi all, 

I am in a situation where I need my users to enter some information into a slide in Storyline 360. I have storyline reporting the input to an LRS. But then the user is going to leave the storyline project to another URL, then return but to the next slide using a ?scene=1&slide=3 JS function - thanks to members on this forum for helping me to achieve this so far.

Even though I have the player set to 'always resume'. The text entry input isn't retained on returning to the Storyline Project. Is there a way to either:

1. get storyline to retain that information even when the user has left the course and returned


2. Push the previous results stored via JS in the LRS back to the project. Taking into account that it would have to be the individuals unique input needing to be returned each time


Hope this makes sense?

Thanks everyone.

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Marcus Haddon

Hi Phil, 

Okay - So if I design the Storyline project to go from the input slide to another slide and then bounce the user to the URL after being on the new slide for 1 second. That should make Storyline retain the input information on the original slide. 

I will give that a go if it is that simple, I'll be very pleased.

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