Kerning Issue

Apr 21, 2015


I'm having an odd kerning issue in Storyine 2. The font is just Arial, nothing special. You can see some of the kerning issues in the image below.

Is there something in the settings on my computer or in Articulate that's causing this? Thanks! 

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Praveen Dixit


I am facing same issue, I had tried above solutions. It won't work I need to submit file till next Friday. It will be big issue for us from client perspective. Already client told that develop this in Html instead of Storyline. We convince them that we will take care of all things but I am very nervous now what to do?

Please help me and as per there guide line we cannot use any other font.



Praveen Dixit

Hello All,

I got kind of solution but it is not a best practice to do.

I had deactivated SL2 license then uninstall SL2 from machine, I had a SL2 4 update setup. Installed that on the same machine as a trial version. (Didn't activate license) and open the same storyline file in the trial version it solve problem of odd kerning issue.

Still it is a temporary solution, if I activate my license on it won't work again I face the same issue. 

Now, temporary I am working with Arial font perfectly but what if my trail gets over.



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