Key press trigger and layers

Dec 09, 2021



I have a slide with an image which when the learner selects opens up a layer to a video.

I need the learner to view the video before proceeding to the next slide. Additionally, I also have key press triggers for accessibility.


My triggers are as below.


On main slide

Change state of next button to disabled when timeline starts on this slide if variable 1 is false

Set variable 1 to true when timeline ends on this slide

Change stated of next button to enabled when variable 1 changes if variable 1 is true

Key press triggers

Jump to the next slide when user presses right key after clicking on this slide if variable 1 is true.

On the layer

Hide this layer when timeline ends on this layer.


My issues are

- The key press trigger doesn't work

- The layer doesn't hide when timeline ends and hence the next button is not enabled.


Can anyone help with this please?


I've read a few other discussions and saw that this has been fixed but I still seem to be facing this issue.





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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bernita!

I'm happy to help! The right arrow key is already assigned a purpose when using keyboard navigation. It navigates to the next line. Instead, you'll need to select another key.

I'm happy to offer additional suggestions if you can share your project. You can attach the .story file to this public discussion or privately in a support case.

Richard Watson


The triggers I listed above were used in the attached sample. It should work unless I'm misunderstanding what you are asking.

  • User clicks on lion photo and is shown video on a layer
  • While the video is playing, the next button is disabled.
  • Shortcut key "Enter" works when the next button becomes enabled after the video plays

Give this a closer look and let me know if it is what you are trying to accomplish.