Keyboard navigation issues whenever enter is used...

May 15, 2018

Dear Community,

I am building a course on SAP system. On one slide users are requested to enter a transaction in the text entry interaction and press the Enter key to advance.

I noticed when I press the Enter key the slide advances automatically even if I have not typed anything in the text entry box.

I attached the the story file for your attention and I hope you can help.

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Crystal Horn

Hi AC. When the user clicks the Next button on the first slide, and then presses Enter on the next slide, the slide is automatically advancing just like you explained. We are looking into an issue where the "focus" is on the player and not on the slide when using the Next button to advance. It's causing your Enter keystroke to act like a click on the Next button (which is odd because there isn't a Next button on that slide).

I pared down some of the triggers on your slide to see if I could eliminate that behavior. I changed the trigger to jump to the next slide when the user presses the Enter key to submit the interaction when pressing the enter key. The automatic advance still occurred.

If you click on the slide before hitting enter, or work with the text entry field, you'll get the appropriate try again message. Also, if you place a button on the first slide and use that to jump to the text entry slide (instead of the player Next button), your user can start typing right away when they get to the text entry slide. If they hit Enter, it'll ask them to answer the question first.

Will the workaround of using a button on the slide to jump to the text entry slide work for now? I'll tag this discussion to be updated with any changes on this behavior. Sorry if it's slowing you down!

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