Keyboard Navigation Problem with Storyline 360

Dec 28, 2018

I am using Storyline 360.  I inserted triggers for keyboard navigation in my master slides.  (Keyboard navigation is a requirement for accessibility.)  I find that the navigation works well in Preview mode, and it works if I view the training using Internet Explorer.  But if I open the training in Chrome the keyboard navigation does not work at all.

I am publishing to HTML5 only.  I think that is my only option because I am using the new default player frame.  Here is a link to my project:

Does anyone know if there is a way to get keyboard navigation to work with Chrome?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jim.  Thanks for posting a link to your content.  I noticed the same thing when trying to tab through your slide content in Chrome - no highlighting and no way to select objects using my keyboard.  I tested the previous version of your course, Version 26, and tabbing worked as expected.  When I returned to the current version, I could then tab through.

Can you try republishing this course as a new item to Articulate 360?  I'd like to see if a fresh start will restore the normal tabbing behavior.  Let me know how it goes!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

I'm only seeing this occur in Chrome + Review when the course starts with audio. Otherwise, without audio, I can tab into the course and the menu. You mentioned it also occurs with the course you're hosting within your LMS - what LMS are you using? Have you tried refreshing the page once you've opened the LMS version to see if the tabbing works? I ask, as that's similar to what Crystal figured out with accessing an earlier version of the Review course and then coming back to the existing link. 

I did a quick test of a course I uploaded to SCORM Cloud that also started with a video, and experienced the same thing. So I'll be reporting this to my team as a possible bug, but I hope the tips above can help in the meantime. 

Jim Larsen

We use the SumTotal LMS, GeoMaestro.  There is no refreshing of the screen as the courses all launch in a browser window that has no controls.  That doesn't seem like a workaround that would satisfy accessibility standards.

Are you saying that I can work around this by inserting a slide at the beginning that has no audio?

Jim Larsen

This helps, but it has exposed another bug that might be related.  I added a slide with no audio to the beginning of the presentation.  The keyboard navigation works now.  So I experimented by setting the first slide to jump to the next slide when the timeline ends for the slide.  That works, but when slide 2 was displayed, the audio was completely out of sync.  It delayed the start of the narration and then played two audio files at the same time. They were set to play one after the other.  If I navigated off the slide and came back to it, the audio was working just fine.  So it appears that jumping to the next slide using a timeline trigger makes the audio on the next slide fall out of sync, but it works if slides are advanced by a user action.

I tested that theory by placing a button on the first slide.  All the button does is jump to the next slide, but that seems to be enough to make it work.  I only tested this in Chrome. I am assuming it still works in IE.

Here is a link to the updated content with the navigation button on the first slide:


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jim,

Thanks for sharing that published example. It looks like it's working via the button you've added or the next button as expected.

Any chance you could import those first two slides into a new project so that we could take a look at the issue you ran into with the auto advance? You can share the .story file here in your reply or you are welcome to share it with me directly here. Just please be sure to include the forum URL/link as well.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jim.  Thank you again.  I'm sorry there have been a few bumps here for you!

We have a similar issue with video not syncing or starting when the previous slide is set to advance automatically.  The best bet is to use a button or the Player to jump to the next slide, initiating the course.  It's better for accessibility because it gives control to the learner, and this new setup also prevents the audio from automatically playing, potentially interfering with a screen reader as users tab through the course.

I'll compare this issue with the audio getting out of sync using the timeline trigger and let you know what we see!

Jim Larsen

I tried your file, and I tried one that I published.  I had the same bug showing up.  But I think I may have found the cause.  There is a setting in Google Chrome to prevent videos from playing automatically. (Paste this into your address bar: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy).  When I set this flag to default mode, the training started without user action and the audio was in sync.

Anette Hjelle


I have published a course in HTML5 and the keyboard navigation does not work in Chrome (it works in other browsers).

When I developed the course, I previewed it in Chrome and published it in  Articulate 365 (also using Chrome as the browser to view the course with), and the keyboard navigation worked fine.

But after publishing it as HTML5 and uploading it to the webserver the keyboard navigation does not work in Chrome. But in all other browsers.

(I don't have any video or audio file in the course)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anette,

Did you check if your Storyline or Chrome had been updated between publish attempts to Review 360 vs. your webserver? Review 360 should also be playing back HTML5 output, so it seems odd that it'd work in one and not the other.

When it doesn't work, is that from the start of the course on a relaunch? It would be good to look at testing it again by publishing to Review 360 or even testing out another web server (a few options listed here). 

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