Keyboard User - enter/Spacebar reacts different to "User Clicks" trigger

Feb 06, 2023

I've run into an issue where the "User Clicks" trigger reacts differently to if a keyboard user were to press "Enter" or "Spacebar" on the same button. 

Right now I am trying to print/save a slide and so I've added a layer that pops up that gives brief instructions on how to save. They can then click a Print button in order to hide the layer and print the slide underneath it. 

This works well when the user clicks on the print button. However, when a  keyboard user presses "Enter" or "Spacebar" the slide doesn't hide fast enough and so it prints the slide layer on top of the slide beneath it. 

I've attached an image of the layer, what happens if you click on it using a mouse, and what happens if you click on the button using a keyboard "Enter" or "Spacebar". 

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