Variables and Triggers

Aug 07, 2017


I'm having a little bit of trouble with variables. The goal is to have the user input some sort of text by our directions and click enter on the keyboard to set off the trigger. 

So I have jump to next slide, when the user presses the enter key, if textentry is equal to, ignore case, residential. 

Thinking the user would input residential, select enter and it would jump to the next slide or not let them move on and I could have a warning layer pop up. 

I'm finding that I have to select enter on my keyboard twice for this trigger to work with the variable. 

Has anyone done anything like this? Please help. :) 



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jes

in order for SL to validate what has been entered into the text entry box - the control must lose focus - which means the user clicks somewhere outside the TE box SL says 'yes' correct answer then the next action happens - this is why it is taking two presses of the enter key to move on.

The first Enter validates the entry, and the second Enter does the trigger action. So as per the KB article you need to add another trigger

See updated file attached...hope this helps


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