Knowledge Check Reporting Information, Multiple Attempts

Jul 14, 2021


We have a course with several knowledge checks. The learner is forced to take the quiz multiple times until they pass at 80% or better. Using SCORM or xAPI, is it possible to track / get reporting detail on each attempt? For example,

Learner1, Quiz1: Attempts = 34%, 48%, 85%

Learner 1, Quiz2: Attempts = 92%

Learner1, Quiz3: Attempts = 55%, 91%

NOTE: The preference is probably xAPI, as it provides some question-level reporting detail.

I realize that the LMS may impact the answer. If it does, Blackboard is our primary LMS for this question, although we have access to many, many LMS's so it's more a question of Articulate Storyline capability. 


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