Knowledge Checks Keep Pulling up the Try Again Feedback

Apr 24, 2023

So here's another annoying quirk in Articulate. I clearly have the attempts set at 2, and yet the slide just keeps pulling up the Try Again window even though I've attempted the knowledge check several times already. What's the glitch that's leading to this now?

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Walt Hamilton

Unless you are creating an interaction entirely from scratch, the built-in functions work pretty well. The normal function on a quiz that allows multiple attempts is that for each incorrect answer, the attempts variable is incremented, the try again layer is shown, the learner clicks continue, the Try Again layer disappears, and the learner attempts the quiz again. This trigger on the Try Again layer sabotages that process:

If there is something that restarts or jumps to the slide, that will reset the attempts variable. For the learner who clicks Try Again, every attempt is the first one. Replace this trigger with "Hide this layer when the user clicks Try Again.