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Feb 04, 2013

Is there anywhere a list of known issues and bugs for Storyline?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kieran - This thread is a bit dated and some older solutions/threads have been archived. We do not have a public-facing list of issues at this time, nor did we then, the link was to the knowledge base. Looks like you already know how to find our community, so if you were hoping for some other resources, be sure to visit our home page here and click Resources.

Johny Brawo

I have another bug and I don`t know why is happen and why. If I working on another source I have another text format. I have the same fonts installed. It looks like font wos be bigger but I dont change font size. And my colege who working in this soure in another computer dont have problem with font. Even if I save source in my computer and I give him this source he dont have problem with fonts.

Paul Bailey

Has there been a solution to a published list of Known Issues?  

The reason I ask...   I found an article related to an issue that we discovered on 4/2. 

The article lists the problem we discovered on 4/2 as a Known Issue on 1/3.

Between 1/3 and 4/1 we republished and migrated 480 modules to a new LMS.

But we did not KNOW about that KNOWN issue. Had we known, we could have been proactive and would not be looking at the possibility of republishing 480 modules.

If there is not a list - how would you suggest we keep up with KNOWN issues to prevent this in the future?



Paul Bailey

I appreciate that and have really learned a great deal from reading through the threads.

Do you have any suggestions on how to stay up on what is beign discussed?

I only come here and search when we have a problem. 

What could I have done - to know that issue was a KNOWN issue on Jan 3rd instead of figurign it out 90 days and 480 modules later?

Better yet, what can I do today to find out about any other reported issues?

Is ther a way to see all post by date? Other than just searchign for a problem.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

You can subscribe to the E-Learning Heroes forums, specific to products you use and even select to only see New Discussions. It'll be a lot of email notifications to sort through! 

Discussions are sorted by when they were last updated or responded to and those will appear at the top, so there isn't a way to sort by initial date. 

We'll let folks know if we do add a public bug database or notification system, but in the meantime, our Support team is happy to answer questions and work through any issues with you one on one. 

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