Large story doesn't Publish

Mar 04, 2014

I'm up against a wall. 

I've been developing some large Story's (195 megs) in the past I preview them

and then when I got to publish it bombs and then I shut it down and reload clean and it worked.  This time

the file is a little larger (each chapter gets 20 -40 slides larger; about 393 slides) and the whole preview

won't work but the previewing each of the scenes did work.  When I publish it it crashes so I started new

and even new it would not publish.  Tried it fresh twice still hitting the wall.  What should I do?  You

can see the type of thing I'm doing at:

Here is a secondary question.  As the file size gets bigger I have thought of chopping the chapters up into

sections but when you do the JumptoURL it brings up a new window so it is not seamless for the user. 
Is there anyway to link two stories online in a seamless manner thereby allowing me to chop my huge story

into individual scenes and reduce the file size but still have a seamless user experience? 

Sometimes too when I save these 195 meg stories it tells me I haven't got enough memory but I've got

12 gigs of RAM and 3 TB of Harddrive.  Not sure why it would say it's out of memory???


Ted H.

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ted hildebrandt

I have spent the whole day eliminating slide after slide groups and with each long save and long build it has taken the whole day and

I still haven't been able to locate exactly the problem.  This is a problem.  When it doesn't publish there should be some

sort of error message identifying the errant slide or specific problem so I can have a clue.  Trial and error has cost me 8 hours and

I'm getting closer but still no sure thing (I think its in the 20 video slides; will know hopefully tonight but not sure what to do if it

is the video).  Oh well. This was a game stopper for me. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ted,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you're having with publishing, and thanks for first checking into the local drive, and that the file path was well below the 256 character limit, and you'll also want to check that there aren't any special characters or symbols in your file name. It may be worth importing your current project into a new Storyline file to see if that resolves any of the issues, and using a similar method to removing slides or groups, you may want to import sections at a time and try publishing those to see if it'll help you narrow down the slide or section that is causing the difficulty. 

Also, we're always happy to take a look at your files as well. You can share them here in the forums or if you'd prefer to share privately you can connect with our Support engineers or I could share directions on how to send to me privately. 

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