Latest Storyline update (21/01/2021) causes publishing problems

Jan 22, 2021

The latest Storyline (21/01/2021) is causing me headaches. I have two courses and two big problems.

1) One of the courses cannot be published any more. I get an error that says "Access to the path "C:\Users\..." is denied". Just a couple of days ago I published the course as is without problems. I wanted to make minor changes. I can't. Something is causing an error, but I don't know what.


2) The other course has an interactive game. I changed a single letter in a slide's text and published it again for use in an LMS. Now the game does not work. 


This is very frustrating. I will try reinstalling the previous version of Storyline and hope that fixes this. I decided to post this, just in case other people are facing similar issues.

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James Dougan

Hi Brenda, I cannot help you solve your issue but I feel i must say that  you have saved me from the biggest headache in history. THANK YOU! oh so much!

I too have had strange problems since the update (in my case since 19th Jan update) if you want see more here it is:

I had no idea we could revert to older versions of storyline, so thank you again! Phew!

Hopefully Articulate will fix these issues and maybe invest a little more into QA