Launching multiple simulations and demos from one Storyline project

Hey there,

I have recently started working in Storyline again, so I am trying to get my head around some of the tasks.

I have a project that contains multiple simulations and demonstrations.

For example, a single launch slide could have a "Show Me" and a "Try Me" button that enables the user to view the material.

The demonstrations and simulations will appear in popup windows in the course.

We were thinking that each of these separate demonstrations and simulations would be recorded as separate Storyline files and published out as separate projects.

I was able to link a demonstration to the first "Show Me" button.

I used the "Jump to URL" action to point to the HTML file of the demonstration publish folder.

Then, in the publish of the main project, in the external_files folder, I pasted the files from the publish of the first demonstration.

It seems to work.

Is there a best practice for dealing with all of these files when I start adding the other simulations?

Maybe I am confused, but I was wondering how I can paste in the files required for the next demonstration, if they have some of the same file names. I.E, both have a Story.HTML, etc.

Can I make sure that external_files is broken down into separate folders for each of my demos and sims?

Sorry if this is a silly question.




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Jazzmine O

I'm sorry I don't have an answer-- just awaiting the answer to this as well... I am working to create a module that would get my learners used to navigating multiple tools. In order to best simulate this, I'd like to have one storyline project and test their proficiency in regards to opening the appropriate tools in the appropriate sequence, but to enable them to work on simulations that stem from clicking on the appropriate tools (hopefully in the right sequence). How do I do this the easiest? Or does anyone have any ideas on how to simulate the same kind of experience for my learners without making so much work for myself? The work that I just described would be for one situation. There are several situations they need to be prepared for, and of course, multiple practice opportunities are preferable. I'm worried about updates to the tools requiring me to have to revisit every single linked project within the original project.

Leslie McKerchie

HI Jazzmine!

Here's how to record screencasts and software simulations in Articulate Storyline.You can also give learners feedback as they answer questions, then branch them to different parts of your course based on their responses. See this tutorial to learn how.

If you'd like to share a .story file or some more details about what you are needing to accomplish, please feel free to share.