Layer Exit Animation after Mouse Hover

May 07, 2012

Hi all!

Brand new to Articulate and am loving it. Such a huge difference than Captivate. SO much easier. 

Anyhow, I have added a layer that appears when I hover over a word, and the layer provides a description of the word along with an image. I have added an Entrance Fly-In animation which works just fine. However, there are two things I would like to have happen.

1: Have the layer stay until the user takes the mouse off of the text.

2: Have an Exit Fly-out animation when the user take the mouse off of the text.

Number one is easy enough to solve, but trying to have 1 & 2 occur is something I'm not able to figure out. If there is another post, I'm happy to be redirected. I've done a few searches and haven't found exactly what I needed.


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Nate V

Thanks Brian! Huge help. I had a feeling I would have to duplicate layers and triggers, I just had 8 different topics on one slide for the users to hover over, so I was going to see if there was a shorter way. 

It does take awhile, as I'm not using buttons either, but rather a shape with text inside. So to do a simple hover over I have to 

Click on all 8 objects individually

Click States for each one

Edit States

Add Hover as an option

Change the state

Create 2 layers for each animation

Create 2 triggers for each animation

Thanks again for the help! GREATLY appreciated. It would be great to have this process stripped down a bit somehow in the future. This isn't so bad when there are only one or two objects on a slide, but with 8 it took me awhile. 

Annie Jean

Hi Nate,

I don't know if it can help you for a future project but if I had to do it, I would have probably done the first set of shape, states, triggers and layers. Then, copy/paste/duplicate them. That way, you don't have to do it all over again, just have to make some adjustments to triggers, modify text, etc.

Hope it helps, happy to hear that you enjoy Storyline, I simply LOVE IT!!

Have a nice day!

Amy G.

Is it possible to exit animations to work on all objects on a layer? I selected the objects on the layer and added the entrance animation, which worked when the layer was called up by a button click. However, the same method--select objects, add exit animation--doesn't work for exiting. I have a button on the layer that hides the layer; but it just disappears with no animation.



Nick Ashleigh

I am following the same steps listed above in the video in Storyline 2 and the exit animation is not working.  Not included in the video is the step of having to go into the "hover' button to add the hover state, but he was able to make it work.

Is there a similar thread that discusses a new process for AS2?  Thanks!

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