Layer for a value in a text entry that is not equal to a specific value

I have set up a slide with a text entry. I have inserted three layers:

  • One layer for one specific textual value
  • Another layer for one other specific textual value
  • A layer for all other textual values that are not equal to the two specific one

I have created three triggers:

  • "Show layer 1 if the typed value is equal to..."
  • "Show layer 2 if the typed value is equal to.."
  • " Show layer 3 if the typed value is not equal to... or..."

I thought this would work out, but regardless of the typed value layer 3 will always show up, also when I type one of the two specific values above. What could be the problem here?

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Emily Ruby

Hi Annemijn,

Thanks for sharing the file. I was able to update the triggers and it is working properly now. When you had the trigger to show the Hypo and Hyper layer, there was an AND condition that the text entry needed to be both Hyper and hyper. On the trigger panel it showed OR, but when you open the trigger to edit, it was showing as AND.  I removed this and changed it to show using the (ignore case) option. See attached file. Hope this helps!