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Dec 30, 2014


I have text entry box on my SL1 scene. I am checking it for correct input with "Show layer Correct if TextEntry is equal to 3" . And show layer Wrong if TextEntry not equal to 3.

In HTML5 export - I get correct layer even if user types in 03, 003, 0003 - which are wrong answers... works fine in flash (03 is wrong answer).

When I set true answer to "a" - "0a" is wrong answer.

So is there a bug with "0" (zero) at the beginning of numerical text entry?

I am using text entry instead of numeric entry because I want customized  entry box (image of a pencil) and don't want "0" as the default visible value.

same goes for SL2.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for sharing your .story file here. I see the behavior you're referring to when testing a published copy of your course in Flash vs. HTML5 output in Chrome. But you mentioned that you needed to use a text entry instead of a numeric as you wanted the image? You could still place that behind your numeric entry field, although it'll still accept 03 as an answer - and I'm going to reach out to our QA Team about that as it's different behavior in Flash vs. HTML5, but mathematically speaking, 03 would be the same value as 3? 

sebastjan f


if I choose numeric entry - I get the default "0" value in my input box. Which I do not want.

The only correct answer is 3 - accepting 03 as a correct solution is I believe a Storyline bug (HTML5 output only). "03" is not the same as "3" - as I am comparing two text strings (mathematics got nothing to do with it) ;)

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