Layer Issue

Hello All,

I have a slide that is a timeline that is made of of several layers. (Intro Layer, 9am, 11 am, 6 pm and 10 pm). I have a trigger set-up that if someone tried to advance to the next slide without viewing all 4 timeline items a Warning Box (layer displays).

My problem is that after the individual closes the warning layer (which has a trigger set to hide it). The layer that displays is always the main layer not the layer that they are currently viewing. For example, if I am viewing 11 am click Next to advance then close the warning layer box - I am always taken back to the Intro Layer. It does this for any layer that I am on. I am not sure if there is something that I have set-up incorrectly or if this is working as intended. I would think that when I close the Warning Layer it would return me to the layer that I was viewing.

Thanks, greatly appreciate any feedback that you can provide.


am having an issue with my main displaying each time

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