Warning Layer When Clicking "Next" Too Early - Issues

Jan 12, 2015

I have a warning layer set up so that when you click "next", if you click on a slide where there are items you must click first, or you should wait for the timeline to finish first, a warning pops up that lets you know that you must let all content finish playing first, or explore all content. I am having some issues with this, though.

The warning text box and graphic itself is on it's own layer. When you click "next," a trigger checks for some variables to decide whether to show the warning or not. This works well. This also works well on the base layer.

The issue arises when I want this warning to show up on several other layers on that slide. When I am on another layer, the warning shows up along with the items on the base layer. The warning displays for a few seconds, then goes away, When it does, the base layer items go away as well. I don't want to check the option to "hide items on base layer," because when the warning shows up on the base layer, I obviously want base layer items to remain. I am new to Storyline, but it does not look like there is any option to have a layer show up, but not hide base layer items while also not bringing them up either. (Would be nice if you had to check a box for items on base to be hidden, or remain, so that a neutral layer would simply bring up layer content alone.)

Another option is to change the warning to an object with an initial hidden state and make the learner click out of the warning, which hides it again. This brings up the layer issue too though. If it's an object, and it's on the base layer, then when I want the warning to display on another layer, it won't unless I have that warning object on each layer.

Is there a more simple way to do this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kai,

I do not see where John ever shared a file for us to take a look at, so I do not have any further information to share other than what you see here.

Perhaps John is still subscribed and can pop in to share some additional information with you here, or you're welcome to reach out to the user directly here.

We'd certainly be willing to help you out here though if you can share some details of what you are experiencing and your .story file for us to take a look.

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