Layer Issue?

Dec 28, 2016

I am new to Storyline 2.  For now I am converting existing PPT slides to try and "jazz it up" a bit until I have more time to play around with Storyline.  I am having issues with one particular thing.  The slides are narrated and on one of the slides, I would like a picture to come in at the 15 second mark.  I 'think' I created a layer and have set it advance at the right time but I must have done something wrong because the picture never comes in.  Help.  What do I need to do to have a picture come in at a particular time on the timeline? 

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Susie Arce

Thanks Leslie.  All I was trying to do was add a little animation to the first slide.  Thought having the icon appear at the 15 second mark would make it not be so boring.  I've only been using this software for a week and am trying to teach myself.  For now, I can't even download what you sent me.  It's blocked.  I have to wait for our IT folks to allow me to download from this site. :(

I was trying to adjust the timeline but every time I think I had it right, I would preview and it was not doing anything.  I'll get there.....just need to play with it and watch more tutorials. :)

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