Layer objects visibility after 1st visit.

Jul 04, 2019

I am trying to create progressive reading course where the student will learn to read a sentence per word or group of words. My approach has been to use layers and reveal each layer on the click on a button. The main slide will content the whole sentence and a navigation button to the first layer. The first layer will contain the  first word, the second layer the second word etc. The student can navigate to the next layer or previous layer via buttons. I want words on  previous layers to be visible  on each layer. I have set all layers on " Hide base layer objects" and   to show other layers.

The problem I am facing is when the learner hit the previous button on any layer, the previous layer are not being hidden.

Should I hard wire the hiding of all previous layers of Is there any simple solution to this ?

I am using Storyline 2


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Tom Kuhlmann

I'd have the progressive layers contain all the words rather than single words. For example, let's say you have 10 words.

Layer 1 has word 1. 

Layer 2 has word 1 and word 2. 

Layer 3 has word 1 and 2 and 3.

Create layer 10 first with all the words and proper alignment. Then duplicate it for the other layers and remove the words.

Alpha Barry

I see what you mean, however not having all words on each layer make easier to dim learned sections.

What I am looking for  is how to hide again next  layers when one navigate to the previous layer button. For instance if I am on layer #3 I see the content of layer 1, 2 ,3. If go to previous layer , #2, I want the layer #3 content to  disappear, I see only layer 1 and 2.

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