Layer on Master Disappears and I can't get it back by "Show Layer"

Jan 25, 2014

I've got a Master which has a layer on it so that I can have a drop down menu in front of the other layers on the

regular slide that I've added. When the layer is shown on my slide (I have it set that when the layer shows all

other layers disappear check box on the settings for the layer).  I only want the layers on the slide to disappear not the ones on the Master but it wipes them all out.  I was going to add a trigger to show "Master Layer" but when I call up the list of layers the "Master Layer" on the Master slide isn't even listed as a selection.  Is there anyway

to protect the Master slide layers locking them down so when the "Hide other layers" thing goes off the Master itself is protected.    Any ideas? 

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ted hildebrandt

I figured this one out.  If I put the menu marker on the background layer when the other

layers are hidden it will still remain.  Then also Arrange it to Front and that way the markers

pop-outs that I'm using for my menus still are on top of whatever layer is shown. 

Loving this program!  Most powerful tool I've used in years and the best forum ever. 

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