Show Layer Trigger Making Master Slide Layers Disappear

Jan 19, 2013

I've setup in the root Master Slide several layers that display text variables - such as the Module Title. This allows me to change the module title using a variable throughout the course. In some slides, I hide the Module Title layer completely.

In the Master Slide, the layers are set to display when the timeline starts. I also have a trigger to Show/Hide the layer when the variable for it changes to True/False.

I'm having an issue when I insert an object with a trigger in a regular content slide to "Show Layer" of a local layer within the content slide. When the slide first appears, all the Layers from the Master Slide appear. But when the trigger occurs to show a layer in the content slide, the local layer appears just fine but the Layer within Master Slide disappears.

This occurs on any trigger I've tried - hotspot, button, etc.

The Master Slide layers also disappear during Quizzes when the user clicks to continue. I'm thinking this might be due to the same issue.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Here's a screen of the Master Slide:


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Todd Haynes

Phil, thank you. I was able to fix this for standard content slides. I was trying options like that in my Master Slides, and once I applied that to the content slides themselves, all is well.

However, I'm still having an issue with Feedback slides for questions. The same Master Layers disappear on feedback slides where the user is being asked to continue to the next slide - either on a Correct response, or an Incorrect response on the 2nd attempt (I've set it to two attempts allowed).

The Feedback Master Slides don't have any layers, so I don't see any layer to uncheck "hide other slide layers".

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