Slide Master Layer Names don't carry over to New Slide

We recently set up specific names for various layers in our course slide master. When inserting a new slide into our course the layer names to do carry over, they default to the layer object type.

For example, the Master slide for a "Title & Content" slide has the layers named as Slide Title, Topic Title, Content. When you insert a new Title & Content slide in the course those layers show up as Text Box 1, Text Box 2, Text Box 3.

Is this Storyline's default behavior or an error?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Bob!

When you name the placeholders on the slide master, those names won't carry over on to the slide itself. This behavior is the same in all versions of Storyline.

In general, we recommend that you give each slide object a unique name--this makes troubleshooting much easier, and it can help when passing projects off to other developers.

If you'd like the slide master placeholder names to be reflected on the slide itself, you're welcome to share your feedback with us in a Feature Request. Thanks for reaching out!