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Jan 28, 2016


I am developing a slide which has 5 layers. (Layer A/B/C/D/E)

On the base slide, there are 3 buttons. The three buttons link to layers A&B, C, D. 

I would like layer E to appear after all three buttons have been visited. 

Currently, I have tried one trigger on the base slide. However, layer E appears as soon as I click on the button that leads to layer D. 

Any help?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Rita

once you click a button it takes on a visited state which is why with your trigger it is jumping to layer E as soon as button 3 is clicked.

Hard to say without seeing how you move between the layers but here is a sample with a variable on the layer E.

I have reduced all the timelines to 2 secs so you can see how they change...

Hope this helps

Walt Hamilton

I know that when you use the trigger wizard, that "when state of..." shows up. However, in general, "when state of" is not designed to trigger an action (that is, to be the when part of a trigger). You will be much happier changing the "when" to match a user action (for example, when the user clicks Button D, or when layer D's timeline ends.)

Where the states are useful, is in the conditions of triggers.

So your trigger would look like "Show layer E when timeline ends on Layer D IF the state of 
Button 1 is visited and the state of Button 2 is visited and the state of Button 3 is visited."

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