Layer Transition is Fading In, but not Fading out

Sep 21, 2017

Hello Forum-

   I have created an interaction with a slider that reveals layers when slider is moved.  I have been able to create animation when layerA appears, but when you move the slider to reveal layerB, layerB fades in while layerA remains visible. Eventually layerA just "pops" off screen but I would prefer a smooth transition.  Is there a way to make the fade transition fade out layerA as layerB is fading on?

I am a flash developer who is used to having full control of items with tween engines like greensock.  It is frustrating to have a vision, but not be able to make tool behave like I would like.




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Walt Hamilton

There is no exit animation for layers. The best anybody has been able to do is to put an exit animation on each object on the layer. When the timeline ends, they all execute their individual exit animation. You could do it with a very short layer timeline (say 1 sec), give each object a .75 exit animation, pause the timeline when it reaches .20 sec, and resume it when you want the exit animation to start.

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