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Apr 28, 2015


I have a Button (A) with which alters a variable between true and false. When the variable is true Button (B) shows and  Button (C) is hidden. When I press Button (A) again the variable switches to false which in turn hides Button (B) and shows Button (C).

The problem arises when I apply fades in and out to the buttons, the objects have no issue fading in but when it comes to fading out, they stay for around 1 second then disappear. 

Could anyone help me with this? Why will the fade out not work?

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Callum Fleming

Apologies for the late reply,

I have attached the file. Its nothing special, I was just curious how the animations would work for a simple fade in and out and hopefully you will be able to understand what I'm trying to do.

Best Regards


Edit: I had a look over the trigger orders tutorial and I don't think that is where the issue lies. The triggers and variable appear to be working as intended, the buttons simply do not fade when their variable sets them to not be shown, they just disappear.

Ravindra Gardi

Hi Callum, 

For Button(B) and Button(C) you have given the fade out effect and Duration 0.75 sec. Please update that Duration to 0.10 or as per your requirement, it will work perfectly. Also please find the attachment for updated story file. I have made fade out duration to 0.10 sec.  

Christie Pollick

Hi, Callum -

What I see happening is that since you are using layers, if you click to close one layer and open the next, you will not reach the part of the first layer's timeline where the fade out animation is supposed to occur (ie. if the timeline runs 5 seconds, and you click out of it at 3 seconds, you will never hit the point .75 before the timeline ends where the fade out animation is supposed to begin). Hope that makes sense!

What you could do is add the items to the base slide and have them set to change state to Hidden/Normal upon click. This way the animation will work when the items are Hidden. Please see the attached file.

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