Layer trigger triggering without action being performed

Jun 12, 2012

Hi all,

I have a layer that is set to show up when the user clicks an on-screen next button if not all shapes on the slide have been visited. It does show up when clicking the next button if not all shapes have been visited, but then I run into a problem: upon returning to the menu slide from visiting a shape, the layer show up, unbidden, without any clicking on the next button at all. It does this upon return from every shape once I've hit the next button once. It appears to ignore the "action" element of the trigger once the action has been performed one time; after the initial action, it only looks at the conditions.

Here are the triggers and conditions applied to the next button- any idea why this is happening?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Kate do you have any slide level triggers on that slide as well?  this may be causing it.

Or, have you set a way to close that layer.  What I am trying to say is if the layer opens and you dont hide it, and the slide is set to automatic resume or saved state, there is a good chance that layer will be open.

If you could post the project or slide it would help to determine why its not working as you expect

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