layer triggers not working

Jun 09, 2017

Help please, I have a deadline today and decided to get fancy ( for me anyway)

my course is being driven by a slider on the main page. from that layers appear and buttons need to be clicked to learn more. I have the slider disappearing until all material has been viewed using the change state functionality.

however I just created a layer ( job states circle) with 8 buttons each of which reveal another layer each corresponding to a state

I have set triggers to hide each layer on click of an X and show the original layer Job states circle.

I have set a trigger to reveal the slider on all buttons being set to state visited.

what happens is when I click each button it opens a random layer, rarely the one corresponding to what I have built.

even when all buttons are in a state of visited the slider does not reappear.

can I upload my file to show you? if so how do I do so?

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