Layer will not show multiple times

Jul 06, 2012

I am having a problem with a layer that will only show the first time it is 'selected'.

The slide is set up with several buttons, but I want the buttons to be clicked in a certain order. Therefore, I have a layer that shows a caption that basically says you have to click the first button first. All of the other buttons are linked to this layer, however, it only shows up the first time you click one of the buttons. I tried adding a hotspot to all of those button, but even the hotspot will only show the layer once, not multiple times.

I have attached some screen shots - can anyone see what I've done wrong?

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Louisa Antoine

Hi everyone,

I know this thread is quite old but I'm having an issue getting my menu layer to appear multiple times. Currently, it will show multiple times as long as the layer's timeline hasn't ended, but after that, when click the icon won't display the menu layer.

I have selected the option 'Reset to initial state'. I thought that this meant the layer would restart the timeline when it was revisited. I have attached a screen print showing slide layer properties and the layer triggers.



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