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Sep 20, 2018

I am working on a step by step training guide in Storyline. Currently there is a base layer photo with separate layers that have numbered markers with captions at each subsequent layers. When I get to step 7 I need the user to be able to click and a time delay to read the info and then step 8 with a new picture that overlays over the previous base layer photo. Anyone have any ideas other than a continue button or using the next button and a new slide because it is same task so i don't really want to do this.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Shannon.  Thanks for sharing the output and your files!  It sounds like, because the screen changes after step 7, you need to give your learner time to see the last screen before it automatically jumps to the next piece.

I made some little tweaks:

  • I lengthened the timeline a bit because I'm going to use it to trigger the layer change, rather than the click on the marker.
  • I added a trigger to pause the timeline of the Continue layer when the timeline of the layer starts.  This will give your learner time to click on the 7 marker.
  • I added a trigger to resume the timeline when the user clicks on the 7 marker.  The marker will open, and there will be a slight delay before showing the next layer (which has a completely different screen).

I also adjusted the layer properties so that the timeline of the layer was independent from the base layer.  Have a look at your modified file and let me know if that gets you closer to where you need to be!

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