layers and audio

Aug 10, 2023

Hi, I have 3 images on the base layer and 3 layers each containing audio with box shapes containing content that covers the images. I can get the audio to stop for each layer when the learner moves to another image, but we'd like to have the option for the learner to click back on the content in the layer to hear the audio again, so far we've been unsuccessful as it overlaps.  We'd like to leave all content on screen; nothing is hidden. Attached is a storyline file. Thank you, Lisa

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Lisa Kiser

Thank you, Sandeep, for your help. The team wants to leave all the content that sits on the layers to remain on the slide at the same time. They're not looking to hide the layers after they've been visited. The example shows that after all boxes are visited all content remains on the slide. They're looking for a way to have the learner relisten to the audio again with the content appearing without the audio overlapping. Not sure if this can even be done, but we thought we'd ask. Thank you, Lisa

Phil Mayor

Hi Lisa, any reason why you have the play audio triggers? As soon as you do that you remove the audio from the timeline and the seeker will not scrub through the audio. Remove the play triggers and set each of the layer properties to allow seeking. I would also stick the content on the layers on the base layer and then set them to pause the base layer and hide when timeline end. I also hid the pictures to clear up the accessibility.  Have a look at the attached.

Lisa Kiser

Hi Phil, thank you for your example; it's exactly what we needed. We do have a question. How did you get the audio not to overlap once all pics/layers were clicked on? My colleague sent me a slide following what you had done, and she'd like to know what she is doing wrong. Thank you so much for providing us with support on this activity.