Layers and baselayer visibility

Jun 14, 2013

Hi guys,

I am producing a slide where i have an image (a star) and hot points on each of the stars points which change the visibility of layers to lead onto seperate interactions. Once the hotpsots on the base layer are clicked a tick image and a textbox stating what the topic was appear. Once the user has navigated the specific layes for that point on the star you are taken back to the base layer which shows the tick and textbox to indicate which one the user has already interacted with.

My problem is this, when I create a new layer my base layer is visible underneath. If I go into the layers settings and set base layer visibility to off upon returning to the base layer the tick and text box are not visible. This issue does not occur if base layer visibility is set to on.

The only workaround I have been able to find to this is to put a white square shape to cover the whole layer and put content on top of that to stop base layer visibility and retain the ticks and text boxs on the base layer.

I had originally tried to do this using seperate slides rather than layers but had trouble retaining the tick and text box visibility using this method also. I'm gueesing In eed to use variables but got lost with thrying to do this.

Any help greatly appreciated. Also is there any way of using articulates slide layouts on layers without changing the master slides. IE go t layer and format it on an individual basis to be the news anchor background or projector screen etc.


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