Layers not returning all the time

Sep 13, 2016


this might be hard to explain but here goes.

I am writing a how to guide on some software, and need to explain what each field does (28 fields) so I have put a hotspot that when clicked it goes to a new layer that then describes about that field.  On the new layer I put a button (trigger) that when clicked it goes back to the General slide so they can click on the next field and so on.

How ever I click on 4-5 fields and then it goes to a different layer, if I then click on a TAB then back to the general on I can do some more fields until it goes again.

This seems to be a time issue so I have removed the seek bar and extended the time line but it helps slightly but does not cure it.

Have I missed a trick or is there a better way of doing this?

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Jason Tilley

Hello Leslie,

In this case regarding the amount of layers would it be best to do each in a new slide?

Based on what I have already if you click on the general TAB then just click on the fields below it will take you to a page explaining that field.

if you then go back using the button attached do this a few times then you will see the issue (or you should)

I did find that the 'Store Code' Hotspot is a hover over that I have changed on mine but still have the same issue.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jason

sorry I missed your upload last night but I've had a chance to view and see the same behaviour as you.

I tried the following but with no success:

  • extending the timelines but it still occurred
  • adding a hide layer trigger.

Personally I would use a new slide but perhaps Leslie will have a better solution for you.

Good luck with your project!

Jason Tilley

Thank you Wendy, as I am new to this I don't know if this was the best way or not.

The reason I have done it this way on the project is because I have used Software simulation in an earlier scene and want to make the project varied and keep the learners engagement.

Thinking the new slide would be the best option.  I will wait for Leslie just in case.

Thank you once again

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