Layout Suddenly Changes in Story View...

I have a "Main Menu" scene and five other scenes. Since I created them they appeared nicely laid out in story view with the menu at the top and the other scenes aligned horizontally beneath it.

Then, for some reason (??) it suddenly changed, and now all the scenes are lined one atop another vertically.

Any idea why that happened, and is there a way to change that layout back? (If there is, I can't find it.)


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ken!

Sounds like you may have set up triggers to link your scenes together?

If you wanted to see them all horizontally while you're working to get a better since for your overall project - you could remove the triggers to jump to next scene. Another options is to collapse the slides within a scene so that it takes up less real estate overall - you'll find directions on how to do that here.