Storyline 360: Published Menu Outline does reflect story view or trigger order.

Mar 14, 2020

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to affect the menu order for a course so that it reflects the order the scenes are laid out in Story View (in Storyline 360)? 

 For example, if I have three scenes called Scene 1, Scene 2 and Scene 3,  and they each have 5 slides (1.1, 1,2... 2.1, 2.2... 3.1, etc), then it seems the menu for the course would have all the 1.x slides under Scene 1 and the 2.x under Scene 2, etc.  This make it easy for the user to know where they are.  

 I was tinkering (newbie) so I dragged slides from various scenes and placed them in other scenes, so it is all messed up.  If the menu were not there, the user would click through in the right order, but the menu is all over the place and does not reflect the order of the triggers or how they are laid out in story view.   


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Stephen Beck

Ok... I searched for this but only found the answer after I posted the question.  Someone asked the same basic question and this is the answer... if anyone finds the answer (in the KB link) is that you can reset the menu in the Player.  You can click to have it match story view, or drag them per your custom need.

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