Leave test scoring

Hi all, I have a number of courses built in storyline and I'm having an issue with scoring when leaving and resuming the test area.

For example we have a test area with 5 questions, the learner closes the course after answering 2 of the questions correctly, they then reload the course from the LMS and resume where the test left off. They answer the following/remaining 3 questions correctly and the LMS only reports 60% passmark.

Does anyone have an idea on how I can fix this?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Pete -- Yes, if you use the ADD ATTACHMENT button here in the thread, it will display publicly, which (if you can share an edited version for privacy) can be nice to gain additional insight from other members of the community. Or, you also have the option to submit your file privately to me, and you are welcome to do so using this form. Either way will work, and when I receive it, I will check it out and let you know what I see :)