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Cary Glenn

When you publish the course to the web or LMS Storyline will calculate the length of the course. If you click on the box beside the title it will bring up the project info. One issue will be with branching scenario courses as it will calculate the time for every slide and not every slide may be shown.

Avril  Fortuin

Hi Walt

I am a newbie to all this.

My plan is to once the course is completed have someone review (paid/
unpaid) the course. Then the launch where I will give the first ten persons
who register free access to the course at no cost in return for feedback.
This will be a specific questionnaire targeting these ten learners. The
course also has built in evaluations to get feedback from learners. This
will provide me with the opportunity to improve the course.

I am under the impression that having someone or people to review the
course other than the leaner will provide a different type of feedback.

What do you think? Am I on the right track? Would love to get some

Walt Hamilton


Your plan as you have it laid out regarding reviewers is well planned, and seems comprehensive. If you are using SL 360, Articulate has a resource that may help you collect information from the reviewers. If not, I have used reviewmyelearning.com (I have no connection to them.) Their system allows the user to view a slide while creating comments, ensuring that the comments are tied to the slide. They may offer a free trial. So I think you are absolutely on the right track concerning reviewers. It's a good plan; stick to it.

My point is that before you turn it over to the reviewers, you need to make one last trip through the course from the beginning, and look at everything as a learner might, making the choices you imagine that they will make, at least as closely as you can. Sometimes you find things that you thought were fixed, but aren't, or find things that sounded good at the time, but don't really fit the flow. In the process, you will time yourself, and that will provide the only really accurate time you can get (SL only provides an estimate of how long the timelines are, but doesn't include time for the user to read, or decide, so is usually wildly inaccurate.) Then, go through it again, making every possible choice to ensure that all the branching, choosing, logic, and error messages work. You have spent so much time looking at the leaves; now you need to step back and look at the forest as a whole.

I hear people say that they don't have the time to go through a course like that, but it makes me wonder - If they can't stand to spend that much time with the course, as heavily invested in it as they are, how can they imagine they will be able to get users to endure it?

Avril  Fortuin

Hi Walt thanks for this great response. I am printing this response,
underlining key things and will put into practice. Will update you in a few
weeks on the progress. Will also check out the site you referenced. You
know, I love what I am doing by designing the course; it is also hard work
to get it right! This has been a steep learning curve, but interesting.
Thanks this is helpful.