Lesson menu - marking user has completed topic upon returning

Mar 11, 2014

I have a lesson menu with three topics.  User clicks on first topic, completes all the screens(most importantly last one) and returns to lesson menu.  Is there a way I can mark for the user they've completed that topic?  Would that be some type of layer (with a checkmark, perhaps, or another visual device) with a condition on it that carries over from the last screen?  Basically, a way for the user to see their progress through a lesson via topics checked off on the menu?

Am I making this too difficult?   Any help is much appreciated!

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Michael Hinze

Here is an example with four menu items. At the end of each section, a True/False variable is set to True, to indicate completion of that section. Back at the menu, the menu button states are set to Visited, based on the value of these variables. The Visited state for each button had been edited to include a checkmark icon. Hope that gets you started.

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