Letting user draw on screen

Aug 31, 2017

Hi All,
In a section of the course im designing Id like to let user draw something on screen with mouse!
Can anyone please tell me if that is possible!!?
Thank you :)

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Katie Riggio

Hey Lynn!

I'll leave the how-to embed MS Paint as a web object in the community's hands, but I want to provide context to your question:

How will a web object help me in this case?

A web object is any content that can be contained in a Web page. Web objects can be used for inserting existing Web pages into your course. For example, you can integrate your company's intranet, or incorporate a Web page that contains animation, assessments or any other relevant content—a drawing app in this case.

In the example above, Michael Anderson inserted a pre-existing Web site for a drawing app stored locally on their computer into the Storyline slide. Here's a quick look into that file.

Lynn lynnh@trainingsys.com

Hi Katie, Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me. This was an idea that looked good on paper but I'll come up with another idea that's a better fit with my skill set. I don't have a pre-existing web site to do this with nor do I know how to set one up. So....plan B it is. :)

Thanks again and have a great evening.

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