Licensing ?

Is there another Licensing option? The license model as explained to use is very difficult to work with from any type of enterprise standpoint. We really need a solution to this such-as network license server or some other form a floating license. The solution we've been told is to install the trial and uninstall it as many times as needed... 

However maybe I heard something wrong but the three licenses types as I understand them:

1) Single user - Per Named user (can install it on two machines though)
2) Floating (thats a stretch) - This should actually be called machine based license as it is tied to a specific machine. Minimum 5 licenses at 2x the normal fee. Still separate keys (from what I was told)
3) Enterprise - Minimum 25 Licenses at (Only the good lord knows multiplier). One Key for everyone

Using the information I've been given I've been perusing the internet I have been looking for a solution to this problem. However, every time someone mentions virtualization someone response with the End User License Agreement and how the application has to be installed on the local C drive. So what are others out there doing and recommend? 

5 deadicated user

6 Once in a while users


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