Light Boxes Displaying Incorrectly in Safari (Storyline 2)

I built a project in Storyline 2 that contains light boxes. The problem is that in Safari on my MacBook, the light boxes do not appear with the gray background, so as a result, it just appears to be one layer on top of the other. The "you must complete before submitting" dialog box has the same problem.

It's not a problem in Firefox, Chrome or Edge. And not a problem in Safari on my iPhone. It's just a problem in Safari on my MacBook.

Additionally, on the final slide, there is a fly-in / fly-out picture, and oddly, occasionally the picture performs an odd acrobatic pirouette and fizzes out.

Any ideas?

(It was a problem on another project, but I performed a work-around by replacing light boxes with slide layers. )


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bridget! 

Thanks for reaching out about this. While I did see the lightbox issue in the link you shared, I didn't notice the same problem when I created my own sample.

Could you test this link in Safari and let me know if the lightbox is working correctly?

Also, let's be sure you're on the latest version of Storyline 2. To check, click the Help tab, then About Articulate Storyline. You should see Update 13 there. 

Now, on to the animation issue. I wasn't able to recreate the fly in/fly out problem you were seeing. Does this only happen in Safari?

Bridget Donofrio

Hi, Alyssa. Thanks for responding. 

The lightbox in your link works perfectly.

I am on the latest version of Storyline 2 (Update 13).

I'm relatively new to Amazon S3, and I thought that might be an issue, but I see you're using Amazon S3 as well. 

One recent change (and I hope this is not part of the issue) is that I switched to a MacBook and am using Storyline via a remote windows session. Gads, if that's the issue, I might scream in my pillow.

I cannot recreate my icon's unscripted pirouette issue with any consistency. I'll be taking it out of the project eventually (because I am not pleased with it when it IS working as intended), but I wanted to leave it for now just to address the problem, which seems elusive (my least favorite kind of problem.)

Thanks again for helping, Alyssa.