Lightbox Menu Problem

We created a custom menu (because we didn't like the look and feel of the standard menu) that the user can access via a button in the interface (embedded in every slide via the master slide) that "lightbox" the menu slide. Generally, it works very well.

We also created content slides with tabs (or buttons) on top that displays layers (show layer) with different text & images. We created a progress bar for theses slide, to show the user his progress inside the slide. It consist of multiple variables that turns to true when the layer is visited. When all vars are true, the next button (also custom, with only "Goto Next Slide" on it) becomes available.

Are you still following me ?

Now the problem is that if you click on some of the buttons, and that before clicking on all buttons, you open the menu and change of slide, the moment you come back to this "tabs" slide, the "Reset to Initial State" doesn't work at all. It looks like Storyline doesn't like that you exit from a slide via a lightbox...

I will soon post a .story file so that you guys have a better understanding of my problem.

I wonder if anyone faced something similar ???

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