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Aug 21, 2012

Can the background of a lightbox be set to transparent so that only the objects you've place in the lightbox slide appear in the lightbox?  (how many times can I use lightbox in a sentence?  Lightbox.) 

Example:  Lightbox slide pops up of a notebook.  I only want to see the notebook and the dimmed slide behind it.  No background on the notebook.

Can it be done?


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Dennis,

I wouldn't temper with the XML files.

Light boxes are fixed in size and are considered to be popup slides (scenes) and can therefore not be altered via the front end.

If you want to play a video in a larger box, Then I suggest you create a kind of lightbox yourselve, eg by developing a custom layer that pauzes the baselayer and doesn't allow clicking on objects of that base layer.

You'll also have to foresee a close button that will hide your layer.

I believe that Phil has created a simulated lightbox somewhere in one of the earlier posts.

If you don't succeed, I'll throw something together


Chris Webmax


I would like to do the exact same thing as Kevin. I don't mind the size of the light box, I just want to get rid of the background (i.e. 100% transparent). 

Why? my frame is like this: 

(shape on gray background)

When I call the menu (as a lightbox), this is what I get: 

see the gray rectangle? not very nice! What I would like to have is this: 

I would like to use the light box as a menu where I can see my progression (i.e. titles gray out when sequence of chapter is done). I understand I can't do that (using variables) in a layer of the slide master.

Any other idea on how to go about that menu? (I could have a black background but prefer not to. I could do it on an other slide but how do I come back where I was? - like a lightbox would do. 

Thanks for your feedback. 


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